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Settlementguru holds expertise in ensuring that you settle your Debt for less than your outstanding. We also make sure that you start rebuilding your creditworthiness soon after Debt settlement.  is Settlementguru the key that unlocks your financial freedom for you to start fresh.

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Settlementguru Debt Settlement program is a great choice for people with high levels of unsecured Debt, who are struggling with financial hardship due to a job loss, pay cuts, medical emergencies, etc. If you are behind on your credit card or loan payments and are struggling with your personal finances while the balance on your loans/credit cards keep growing, then our program could be right for you.

Debt Settlement is a disciplined and strategic approach to resolve the Debt and while there is financial freedom at the end of this journey, but the customer has to be absolutely certain about his goals and be willing to walk the tight rope.

We strongly encourage you to ask yourself the following questions before you consider Debt settlement:

  • Do you have a real financial hardship and are you really committed to being Debt free?
    • One can get trapped in Debt due to loss of income, medical issues, living beyond means or any other reason. These are legitimate financial hardships that can happen to anyone for little to no fault of their own, and any of these situations can cause turbulence in your financial life.
    • Debt Settlement is not a walk in the park, it requires goal setting, resolution and discipline to get back your finances in track and regain your financial freedom. Settlementguru offers you a fast and ethical way to become Debt free.
  • Are most of your Debt unsecured, mostly from credit cards and personal loans?
    • Most types of unsecured Debt (without collateral) can be settled. If majority of your Debt load comprises of personal loans, credit card Debt, consumer loans, pay day loans, peer-to-peer loans, and education loans; you can expect good outcome from the Debt settlement program.
  • Do you have a monthly budget that you can set aside for the Debt Settlement program?
    • You are required to build up savings for a Debt Settlement program. Your ability to quickly accrue funds in your special purpose account will determine how quickly you are able to eliminate your Debt. We encourage our customers to aggressively contribute towards their settlement funds so we can help them resolve their Debt in the shortest possible time.

Settlementguru can help you with most of your unsecured Debt/loans like personal loans, credit card Debt,  We cannot settle loans backed by collaterals like home loans and auto loans.

Our goal is to help you get out of Debt as fast as possible by negotiating with your creditors to get them to accept significantly less than face value on your unsecured Debt. Debt Settlement will negatively impact your credit in the short term, but your credit score starts to improve once you have completed the program and are Debt free. If you are already behind on your payments, chances are that your credit score and rating has already taken a hit and the negative effects of our program on your score may not be as substantial. Besides, very few people with Debt troubles have a healthy credit score. We often ask our customers if getting out of Debt is more important to them compared to a short-term negative impact on their credit, in almost all the cases, we hear that being Debt free is more important.

The good news though, is that credit scores tend to improve quickly once a Debt settlement program has been completed. By engaging in good credit behavior, anyone’s credit score could recover over time. Moreover, as set out on your path to rebuild your credit, you would rather like to see “Settled” against your accounts than a “Willful Default”.

Settling your Debt means that the high interest rates (18% to 40% annually) and penalty and fees (up to 3-5% monthly) that you have been incurring on your loans will cease. This alone will free up a lot of disposable money that you can save towards building a bright future for your family. Additionally, the fees we charge our clients for the Debt Settlement program are more than reasonable. Our clients can save up to 40-50% on their Debt.

Settlementguru Debt Settlement program is designed for unsecured Debt (Credit Card Debt, Personal loans, etc.). We cannot help with Debt that is secured by a collateral (such as home loans or auto loans). However, once you have graduated from the program, the money that you had been paying towards settling your Debt can now be used for paying off your secured Debt and for building your financial future. The goal of this program is to drive responsible financial behavior and to build credit awareness among our customers. While, many businesses thrive on repeat business, at Settlementguru we do not want to see any repeat customers.

Settlementguru Debt Settlement program is for consumers that are burdened with Debt and have a legitimate financial hardship. Settlementguru will never advise you to not pay your Debt. However, if you continue to make monthly payments to your creditors while being in the program, it is unlikely that the creditors will be willing to accept less than the full amount owed if you are payments are current.

Whether you settle your Debt on your own or work with Settlementguru, the most effective way to get creditors to negotiate is by showing them you are unable to pay your Debt in full due to a financial hardship. Letting your payments go into default is a good way to do this. Once your creditors understand that you are unable to pay in full, they are more likely to accept a reduced amount as settlement. If you are able to save money in this program and make payments to your creditors at the same time, then you probably don’t actually have a legitimate financial hardship.

Once your loan and credit card accounts become delinquent, your creditors will continue to add interest and late fees onto your balances. Typically, your balance will increase until a settlement is reached. Bear in mind that the interest is going to accrue regardless of whether you make minimum payments or not. At Settlementguru, our goal is to negotiate significant reductions on the total amount you owe, even after the interest and late fees have been added to your balance. We account for the additional fees and the interest loading on your balance when working out the repayment estimate for you. Even if your creditor charges extra fees and interest, the fee we collect to settle the Debt will not increase.

No. Settlementguru cannot guarantee a certain percentage on your settlements. Every creditor and account are unique, and we cannot predict as to how the negotiations will pan out. Furthermore, the success of our negotiations is highly dependent on you keeping your end of the bargain as well, by making regular monthly payments into your special purpose account. This is a teamwork and we need your full cooperation to achieve the best results for you.

Your creditors have the legal right to file a lawsuit for non-payment of a Debt obligation, such lawsuits are rare and rather expensive, and creditors try to avoid them. Most creditors would rather work out a negotiated settlement than spend more money on a lawsuit with no definite guarantee of a timeline or outcome in terms of the collectability of the Debt.

Yes, you can.

Debt Settlement is complex and time-consuming, also, many people may just not have the mental strength and the perseverance to haggle with the creditors. The average customer is on the backfoot when interacting with the creditors due to the embarrassment and shame he feels for having fallen back on the payments. Most people will find it difficult to deal with the pressure tactics, tricks, threats and traps used by creditors. Also, like any other business, there are tricks of the trade and leverage that a professional is able to apply to get the best results, this is where Settlementguru comes into play. Our knowledge and experience give us the leverage and the strength to represent you to your creditors and negotiate the best settlement and outcome for you.

Yes, 100%. Debt Settlement is absolutely legal. Currently in India, there are no consumer-friendly options for people struggling with Debt.  Settlementguru has been founded to solve this massive problem. The mission is to provide Debt relief solutions and services and financial literacy to Debt burdened customers to enable them to reduce and eliminate Debt, build wealth and achieve financial freedom. Further, we have made the decision making easy for you by offering you a Money Back Guarantee on our service.

If you have one credit card or loan with a low balance that you are able to pay down to zero, then we recommend keeping that account for emergencies and not enrolling that account in the program. It will be tough to negotiate settlement offers with your creditors if they see that you are settling on some accounts but not on others.

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